The "Bistro on the Greens" is open on Friday nights for dinners as the club's official planned opening to 5 days a week commences in August. From July 27, the club will offer Sunday Roasts, with a choice of 2 roasts, and local farm vegetables from Lockyer Organic Farms, Maragi Farms & Simons Farms.
Roast Sundays sponsors-Maragi Farms-Steven Woodruff-Australian Organic Farms-Qualipac Farms-Campsey Ash Farms

Opening Hours

August 2021
Coffee & Cake Tuesday to Sunday 9am to 2pm
Lunches Wednesday to Saturday 11am to 2pm
Sunday Roast Day 12pm to 6pm
Thai Dinners Thursday 2 for $35 Dine in or Takeaway choose from 4x Chef Specials 5pm to 7pm
Menu for Dinners Friday & Saturday include Blackboard Thai specialty dishes 6pm to 8pm

Friday Last Each Month - Special Thai Menu

  Bookings essential, call the club on 07 5462 1420 or email